ASERE! A Fiesta Cubana March 12, 2019

A joyous spectacle of music and dance, straight from Havana


“The Havana Cuba All-Stars created a truly passionate and intimate affair.”

-The Daily Campus

“Throughout the performance, toes were tapping, hands were clapping and hardly an audience member could find the discipline to sit still as delightful, fun and infectious rhythms took effect.”

-Times Enterprise



The Havana Cuba All-Stars are some of Cuba’s greatest musicians. With rhythms and melodies from the cha cha to the rumba, from “Son Cubano” style to the salsa, the All-Stars showcase a wide variety of Cuban beats. The group is inspired by and dedicated to promoting the entire tapestry of Cuban music through a fresh, contemporary lens.

In their “Asere”—or “Friendship”—tour, the All-Stars will be backed by three of Cuba’s finest dancing couples. With the greatest dancers and musicians of Cuba working in tandem, the American encore of the Havana Cuba All-Stars’ tour will be a spirited spectacle of song and dance, exemplifying Cuba’s greatest musical traditions.

Reserved seating: $55, $40, $30, $20

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