The Capitol Steps March 6, 2020

Sixteen Scandals Fiscal Shades of Gray
Obama Mia! Make America Grin Again
I’m So Indicted When Bush Comes to Shove
In 1981, a group of Senate staffers wanted to stage a Nativity play for a Christmas party. But after scouring all of Congress, they couldn’t find three wise men or a virgin. Bah-DUM-bum!

Instead, the Capitol Steps were born, a hilarious comedy troupe that lampoons the political figures of the day through song parodies and skits. Nearly four decades later, they’re still making a mockery of our democracy to the amusement of snowflakes and deplorables everywhere!

Always well received, they’re as popular in Washington as they are around the country. They’ve even performed for the last five presidents – six if you count Hillary. Hey-oh!

Sure, you can enjoy their rapid-fire satire twice a year on NPR’s Politics Takes a Holiday or on any one of their 35+ albums. Or, you can catch their crazy antics LIVE at The Temple Theatre. It’s going to be yuuuge!


 premier $45, $30, $25, $20,$15 student tickets

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