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Auditorium | Leopard Lounge | Ballroom | Premiere Room


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AUDITORIUM (top of page)

The Main Auditorium, where the opulent ornamentation of the roaring 20’s provides the perfect setting for any performance. In our largest events space 1,750 attendees can sit under the golden ceiling while experiencing a live performance, presentation, or cinematic masterpiece on our stage.

Orchestra: 909
Balcony: 841
Total 1,750
*mobility impaired seating 10


The stage is 81’ wide X 35’ deep from the plaster line.
The stage has a 3’10” apron.
Stairs lead down from either side of the stage onto the orchestra level.

Orchestra Pit

The orchestra pit is nonadjustable at 5’7” below stage level.
The orchestra pit contains a pipe organ in SR corner.
The orchestra pit’s deepest point reaches 12’, and both of its’ ends measure 8’6” deep (Curved Orchestra Pit).
The orchestra pit is approximately 39’ wide.
Apron overhangs US wall of pit by 3’8”.
The orchestra pit can comfortably hold approximately 15 musicians.

Proscenium is 26’7” high X 47’6” wide

Dressing Rooms
There are 4 dressing rooms and one Green Room on the stage level.
Star room (handicapped accessible) located stage right in Green Room.
Three smaller dressing rooms (private shower and lavatory) attached to Green Room as well.
The Green Room acts as a crossover between stage left and right.
Each dressing room contains a sink, shower, lavatory, and makeup area.

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LEOPARD LOUNGE (top of page)

The perfect place for a relaxed event, the Leopard Lounge is as space with flexible seating and table arrangements. Featuring booth seating and a unique enclosed bar, the understated elegance of this space is perfect for shows, mixers, meetings and small banquets.

Dimensions: 40×65
Square Feet: 2,976
Ceiling: 13’
Banquet Capacity: 125
Cocktail Capacity: 150
Wedding Capacity: 125

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BALLROOM (top of page)

The Ballroom features six chandeliers, beautiful hardwood floors on the main level and a sweeping staircase leading to the upper balcony. With a stage area for performers and a permanent bar, this space often hosts live shows, awards banquets, and more.

Dimensions: 50 X 65
Square Feet: 4,258
Ceiling Height: 15’6”
Banquet Capacity: 250
Cocktail Capacity: 300
Classroom Capacity: 150
Wedding Capacity: 250
Staircase Rail: 18 & 23 Feet


PREMIERE (top of page)
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The Premier Room is perfect for meetings, banquets, fundraisers, and can be utilized as additional space for artist preparations. With beautiful inlaid chandeliers and cozy feel, this space can be as formal or informal as you are.

Dimensions: 50 X 110
Square Feet: 5,998
Ceiling Height: 15’6”
Banquet Capacity: 350
Cocktail Capacity: 400
Classroom Capacity: 275
Wedding Capacity: 350
Ballroom Rail: 46 Feet

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